About us / Why us?

  • Out Team of young but experienced engineers and process engineers has been working togheter successfully for several years and has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of cryogenic plants and applications for CO2.
  • With our Team we develop new, innovative and especially environmentally friendly solutions for the supply of energy and gases in the near future based on proven technologies.
  • We see a particular challenge in reducing emissions of the climate-damaging CO2, which is why green gases are in foreground.
  • We see green hydrogen as one of the solutions for the energy supply of the future. Together with Multi Industrieanlagen GmbH and other partners, we are working on technologies for producing hydrogen from biomethane and biogas.



„The iceberg is a symbol for our strategy, our technologies and at the same time for our business model.“



The melting of the icebergs is the symbol of global warming and shows the effects of global warming directly and clearly visible.

This is where we want to start with our CLEAN GAS TECHNOLOGY for clean, green gases.
Our processes for the generation of biohydrogen and CO2 recovery can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and thus to decarbonization. This is the only way to stop global warming and thus the further melting of the icebergs.



At the same time, the iceberg with its ice also stands for coldness and is therefore also a symbol for the low-temperature technology we use to liquefy gases.

With CRYOGENIC GAS TECHNOLOGY we use cryogenic processes for the liquefaction of natural gas and biogas.
Air, water and ice also represent the aggregate states of the gases (gaseous, liquid, solid).


Network philosophy

Our business model is based on cooperation and working in a network.

The ICEBERG.ENGINEERING GmbH represents the smaller part of the iceberg that protrudes from the water and is therefore visible.
The larger, non-visible part below the water surface represents our network of partners.
This network enables us to have a lean structure and the use of synergies for cost-effective and thus economic solutions for our customers.


Our most important partner is Multi Industrieanlagen GmbH as the mother company, in whose infrastructure we are integrated.


The company AviComp Controls GmbH, in whose building our technical office in Leipzig is located, is our partner in the field of system control.