We offer comprehensive services in the field of plant construction and advise our customers in the handling of plant and pipeline construction projects, from conception to commissioning, always in the best possible use of production methods and materials, taking into account the cost expenditure.

  • Technology development

  • Basic and detail Engineering

  • Preparation of documentation*

  • Preparation of operating manuals*

  • Plant design

  • Advice

  • Installation planning

  • Standard and special solution

Tell us about your goal and we will develop the solution for you!

*when ordering a plant


We offer the complete procurement and delivery of the plant and its components. Optionally complete or only for selected components.

  • Procurement and delivery of individual components or the complete plant, taking into account the quality and cost requirements of the customer.
  • (Pre-)Fabrication of the plants in modules (skids) with our partners including steel construction, insulation, etc.
  • The modules (skids) are mechanically and electrically tested before delivery.
  • Modular (Pre-)Fabrication minimizes the effort for on site assembly, reduces the error rate and the costs and time required for commissioning.


"We have extensive experience and expertise in the installation and commissioning of plants and we offer tailor-made services for this purpose. This makes us the ideal partner to carry out this important final step smoothly and efficiently.“

  • Comlete assembly of the plant (steel construction, pipelines, equipment) by our partner Multi Industrieanlagen GmbH
  • Installation supervision by supervisor
  • Commissioning of the plant
  • Planning the tasks of a multi-operator team, ensuring the continuity of all services, updating work orders in real time, ensuring the availability of the necessary equipment and drawing up checklists for inspections and certification

Maintenance and service

We also offer customized services for maintenance and servicing of our equipment.

  • Maintenance of systems, also by means of remote maintenance
  • Support in monitoring and testing of the plants
  • Spare parts supply


  • Use of biogas and biomethane for generation of green hydrogen and recovery of CO2
  • (Green) hydrogen for mobility solutions with fuel cell powered vehicles (public transport, trucks and buses, industrial trucks)
  • Onsite generation of hydrogen (100 Nm³/h)
  • LNG
  • BioLNG
  • CO2 recovery in breweries
  • CO2 supply for beverage industry
  • Dry ice production


  • Energy and gas suppliers
  • Biogas plants
  • Breweries and beverage industry
  • Industry with demand for industrial gases (hydrogen, carbon dioxide)
  • Transport sector. Municipal energy and gas suppliers and municipal transport companies 
  • Plant manufacturers
  • Operators of fuel cell powered vehicle fleets (industrial trucks, trucks, buses)