ICEBERG.ENGINEERING GmbH is an engineering company for gas applications and plants founded in 2019.


With our team of engineers and process technicians as well as our network of partners, we develop innovative environmentally friendly solutions for the supply of energy and gases in the future in accordance with our vision and mission.

The production and use of green gases to reduce emissions of the climate-damaging carbon dioxide and its use as a raw material by means of recovery are at the forefront.

The focus of our activities is the development and construction of small-scale plants for

  • the production of hydrogen from natural gas, biomethane and biogas,
  • the liquefaction of natural gas and biomethane,
  • the recovery and liquefaction of carbon dioxide and
  • the production of synthetic fuels.

„Gas for Future“

Our vision

Each country supplies itself completely climate-neutrally with green energy. Green gases play an important role here. They are sustainably renewable and storable. In addition, they can be used in a variety of ways: as an energy source for electricity and heat generation, as a biofuel in transport and as a sustainable raw material in industry.


„Green gases“

Our mission

Together with our employees and partners, we develop and implement solutions for the supply of gases for the energy and gas supply, industry and the transport sector.

In addition to proven technologies, we focus on innovative and sustainable solutions for the use and supply of green gases.